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Welcome to

Sports with Coach Scott

Sports with Coach Scott is aimed at teaching the basics of sports to preschool and elementary age children. We specialize in enhancing coordination, learning about the fundamentals of sports, and most importantly focus on sportsmanship and having fun!


our Program

We play soccer, t-ball, basketball, and fun games like cross the ocean, duck duck goose and parachute, just to name a few. We stand for sportsmanship, teamwork, player development, and building confidence.

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Meredith Saleh

At the mention of 'Coach Scott' my son's face lights up! Any day that is 'Coach Scott Day', is truly the BEST! He looks forward to seeing his friends, making new ones, and playing all of the fun games that Coach Scott has prepared. Coach Scott has taught my son so many different things including the fundamentals of baseball, soccer, and has developed his love of nerf guns. My husband and I are thankful for a safe and joyful space that Coach Scott has created for our children and the positive lessons they learn while with him.

Anna Bazemore

Both of my boys have grown up going to Coach Scott. They beg to go. Scott always has something new up his sleeve for these kids to make each day fun and exciting. Kids adore him! Not only do they learn how to play sports, they learn to be a friend, a listener and rule follower. My kids are sad when camp is over and do not want to leave. I’m so grateful for someone as passionate, loving and as fun as Scott. He has helped shape my kids' lives.

Bonnie Stabler

My kids, ages 7 and 5, absolutely LOVE Coach Scott! They have been going to his camps for years and don't think of it as babysitting, but as a treat! Scott does a great job engaging the kids and always finds a way for them to have fun, whether it's playing a game or doing his famous show and tell time!

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